At MENTE, Inc., we utilize the natural mental processes to guide the participants through the desired changes in their lives.

Have you ever had a training or workshop that was so fun, yet thoroughly effective?

If so, you were probably in front of an excellent trainer.

Excellence in a training situation is NO ACCIDENT. It not only requires mastery of the material and a commanding, yet approachable presence, but also having knowledge and skills in Group Dynamics and a keen eye for the individual states of the participants from moment to moment.

Whether you're looking for training in a corporate setting, for your own team in a small-group setting, or for individual training for yourself, to assist you in reaching heights you've only dreamt of or breaking through that plateau you've been facing, the network of excellent trainers who comprise MENTE, Inc. can provide you with a training experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

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Imagine the possibilities...

  • Team-Building Training - Imagine what it would be like to have your team working seamlessly and effectively together.
  • Sales Performance Improvement - If you believe that your sales team (or your own sales) performance have some room for improvement, this is the right training for you.
  • Goal-Getting Sessions - How would you like to set your goal in such a way that you'll KNOW you will achieve them?
  • Elimination of Limiting Beliefs - If there is ANYTHING you have NOT achieved in your life, most likely it is due to a limiting belief you hold or a limiting decision you made unconsciously. Discover what can happen when you unfetter yourself of these internal limitations!
  • Total Emotional Control - Just imagine that you can have immediate and total control over your emotions and responses at any given moment, and that you can CHOOSE your emotional state and, therefore, your level of performance.
  • Custom-Designed Training - Have the experts at MENTE, Inc. design a specific training to fit your needs.

Here is a list of some of the trainings that can be customized for your organization:

List of Courses

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Sometimes, success means just taking little steps in the right direction.

This reminds me of a story I read a while ago about Dr. Tom Hanson. Tom is a sports psychologist in Matt's MasterMind group who's worked with the Yankees, the Texas Rangers, and numerous businesses. He's written 3 books, and is finishing up a masterful workbook and CD series with everything you've ever wanted to know about confidence. Confidence is probably the greatest factor in being a great basketball shooter, and in pretty much everything you do in life.

Tom was mountain climbing a couple of years ago out in Colorado, and wasin way over his head climbing a sheer face with a group. He got to apoint where fear absolutely took over and he said the rock looked to him like an ice rink turned up on edge. He was frozen and couldn't move, freaking out.

The leader from above finally got his attention and got him to calm down enough to listen, and told him this. "Tom, look down at your feet and tell me which one is higher."

"The left one", he yelled back after being scared to look for awhile.

"Good. What I want you to do is take your right foot and move it higher than the left one."


"Now what I want you to do is take your left foot and move it higher than the right one. Can you do that, Tom?"

"O.K. Sure."

"Now Tom I need you to take your right foot and move it higher than your left one. Can you do that for me, Tom?"

"Yes, sir."

Tom's not still on that mountain so you know the rest.

Sometimes it's all you can do to put one foot in front of the other, but sometimes that's all you NEED to do too.

Call us now toll-free at (888) 854-5467 to discuss the steps you need to take.