FREE Handwriting Analysis Profile

Wouldn't you like to know something about someone that he (or she) may not want to tell you?

You can!

Just fax us a sample of that person's handwriting. It should be at least a paragraph, preferably in cursive (it reveals more) and on unlined paper. And if it has the person's signature, so much the better. Fax it to (714) 628-9399 with a Fax cover.

In the Fax cover give us your name, phone numbers and the best time to catch you at each (cell works best!), and briefly tell us why you would like to know about that person.

AFTER you've faxed the sample, call us at (888) 854-5467 to let us know that you've faxed us something (see, we're busy... we're not standing by the fax machine), and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can.

Happy Hunting!


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